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ReShape Balloon – The Complete Picture

ReShape Dual Balloon, everything you need to know More often than not, weight loss schemes and programs tend to fall short and not really achieve their goals. We understand your frustration with the fickle result of such programs. Dieting alone or combined with exercise is not enough to bring about any change in the lives of some people trying to lose weight. Medical science has made a lot of advancements in recent years due to research and one of the things it is always trying to prove and find is methods that are completely safe. With reference to weight loss, medical science has a specific branch of surgery, known as Bariatric Surgery, which focuses on surgery related to weight loss which could include anything from clipping your stomach or cutting off a portion of it in order to reduce appetite. From this branch has come a new option, that focuses on neither surgery nor any cutting; this is now known as the gastric balloon.

How does ReShape Balloon work?

A gastric balloon is used to decrease the volume of the stomach in such a way that less video
food is able to sit in the stomach, thereby curbing appetite and then really focusing on how to lose weight. The latest, FDA approved method is the ReShape Balloon technology whose primary function is to introduce in the market a noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical and non-medical option that allows individuals to lose weight quickly and then keep it off as well. ReShape is available in the market as an option to not just get installed in the stomach but also as a lifestyle option; ReShape uses its balloon to only begin a journey towards a healthy life. How ReShape Balloon functions is that it uses dual balloon technology in which instead of one balloon entering your system, two balloons enter it thereby taking up more space and providing other functions. All gastric balloons eventually function in the same way; a deflated silicone balloon is inserted through an endoscope in to the mouth of the individual and sent down to the stomach where it is then filled with either air or water, expanding it to roughly the size of a grapefruit. This typical treatment lasts six months and is the safest technique out there because of its easy reversibility and its non-invasive nature.

Do you need ReShape Balloon?

  • First, to figure out if you can even get a gastric balloon you need to fulfill a set criterion. Medically your doctor will need to check and see if you fulfill certain requirements; ReShape can only be used by people whose BMI within the range of 30-40. It isn’t necessary that a higher BMI might fulfill the requirement of being obese and hence receiving the procedure; fat around different areas can mean different things. Fat around your legs and thighs is usually not a precursor for obesity and poses no real threat. However fat around the belly indicates a very high risk for cardiovascular diseases and hence must be dealt with.ReShape can be gotten to either lose weight or to lose weight in order to fulfill the criteria for another urgent surgery. ReShape is also a good option for those people who want to lose weight but they do not qualify for weight loss surgery. Your physician will want to know what your previous experiences concerning weight loss were and how successful or unsuccessful they were. Another criterion to be eligible for ReShape is to be completely devoted to the program and to be committed enough to work on it for a long time, in order to achieve long term goals. You will also be eligible to receive this treatment if you do not suffer from any serious illnesses like bowel irritation and ulcers. Once physically clear, the doctor will want to determine what your weight loss goals really are and how committed you are to losing weight. All this information is needed to form a weight loss program designed specifically for each individual to help them target their problem areas. After this preliminary examination, you will be required to make another appointment. This second appointment will be with the team of experts, who will talk to you about your weight loss goals and motivations, advice you, guide you  and generally inform you of the procedure that it to follow.

What to expect when you opt for the ReShape Balloon

  • Since ReShape is a non-invasive technique, it naturally means there should be no fear of leaving scars or causing any sort of damage. On the day of the procedure, you will be given some very light anesthesia in order to numb your throat area and some muscle relaxants in order to help with swallowing. Using an endoscope (a long thin flexible tube with a camera and a light at its end), the deflated balloons are swallowed from your mouth to your esophagus (your food pipe) and finally settled in your stomach. Then using a catheter, the two connected balloons are then filled saline and expanded to the desired size. This is usually the size of a grapefruit. ReShape uses the best kind of technology, hence both balloons are interconnected and they also inflate in such a way that their shape imitates the curvature of the stomach. The balloons are made of soft, pliable silicone elastomer and are best suited for the acidic environment of the stomach. When inflated, the two become large enough to not let either one of them pass through the stomach to the intestines and two balloons generally provide extra safety. After inflating the balloons, the catheter is removed. The balloons function on a self-sealing valve so once all obstructions are out of the way, they seal themselves automatically and then float around normally in the stomach. This entire procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes during which no pain is to be experienced. At most, very minimal discomfort will be experienced but even that is gone after the procedure.

Preparation – Things you can need, expectation and mental/physical preparation for surgery

  • Starting from the clinic, you will be asked to only take fluids for the first four days. On the first day, you only drink water, gradually increasing your intake. The point is to keep yourself sufficiently hydrated in order to let your stomach and body to adjust itself to the presence of the balloon. Very minimal discomfort is to be expected if anything. Some people might experience nausea and vomiting whereas others might experience some very minor bleeding or irritation. All these symptoms do not persist for a long time and can easily be stopped by medication. Since it is FDA approved, whatever symptoms you do experience are because of your body’s individual reaction to the balloons and will never be long term or pose a danger to your health. There is also a big chance that most of you will not experience any symptoms at all and will begin their weight loss journey very smoothly. After the completely liquid diet for the first four days, which can include fruit juices, milk and thin soups, you will be advised to move on to semi-solid foods like porridge and thicker soups. Some food items and food groups are to be completely avoided during this period including chocolate, ice cream, fizzy drinks and drinks that are high in calories. Whatever your food intake will be, you will be asked to not exceed 1000 calories in a day and not to eat after 6 or 7 in the evening. The reason to stop ingesting before a time is that because your body is still adjusting to the balloons, you would not want to get reflux as the balloons move up and down when you lie down. The most common feeling that you will experience is a certain feeling of fullness before and after you eat, which ensures that you do not eat too much. Even though there is a rare chance of this happening but if it does then you should contact your physician immediately; if one of the balloons deflated, rupture or puncture, it will naturally pass through your bowels and tint your urine blue-green. This gives no cause for actual worry as your doctor will know what to do.

After ReShape Balloon Surgery – The first 6 months and beyond

  • After the first week, you will have another appointment with your physician who will check on to see how well you are adjusting to ReShape. If doing well, then you will be given a diet chart and an exercise plan. During the first week of getting ReShape, even exercise is kept to a minimal. After the first week, you will be required to start eating properly and to exercise quite a lot. You will have to alter your food groups and portions; mostly, you will need to replace the carbohydrates in your diet with protein based meals like meat and poultry. Your food portions will become significantly smaller and you will need to eat slowly, chewing carefully. Again, you will not be allowed to exceed a certain amount of calories every day and will also need to burn a certain amount every day. You cannot eat two hours before going to bed. There is a reason for such a strict diet and routine and it is called metabolism. Our metabolism is basically the breakdown of food in our body to give it energy. When losing weight, the primary focus is to speed up metabolism because the faster you break down the food, the faster you burn calories and keep the weight off thus. So when eating less and in smaller bites, you give yourself enough time to carefully chew which makes metabolizing easier and faster. Our metabolism also functions fastest during the day time and slowest at night hence you cannot eat after the time that your body stops digesting food.

Combined with this, you will have to say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle. ReShape does not only mean that putting balloons in your stomach can make you lose weight; we are a complete weight loss package meaning we focus on everything from eating healthy to exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. While during the first week, you will be asked to refrain from heavy exercising and trying out new activities, after that all of this will be opposed. You will be required to exercise a healthy amount and to try as many new activities as you want. The point of ReShape is to not bore you with giving you a set of exercises to do in the gym; our focus is to make a healthy lifestyle for you and if exercise comes in the form of a favourite sport or activity, we not only immensely appreciate but also encourage our clients to venture out of their comfort zone and interact more with people. The team at ReShape encourages team activities as we realize it helps keep the morale up and builds a better foundation for motivation. ReShape provides you with an online portal that helps you keep track of your weight, your progress, your activities, your diet chart, etc. All of this is done to ensure that you have everything you need in front of you and you never feel like no difference is being made. The portal acts as a personal daily log that you can update every day. Combined with this is the fact that we keep on scheduling regular appointments with you so as to keep you encouraged and motivated and to keep guiding you through every step. ReShape will turn your life around for the better in these six months; this is a guarantee. We can say this with such confidence because our ideology is strong. We not only focus on perpetuating the weight loss but our approach is such that we also help retain this weight loss. The retention is done through transforming your lifestyle in to a healthier one and striking a balance between what you eat and what you burn. A year with us and you will be completely transformed by our holistic view on weight loss. Our website is full of people recounting their happy and successful journeys with ReShape which can give you a better idea.

Removal of ReShape Balloon after the recommended time

  • After these six months, you will be required to have the balloons removed. They are not kept in for six months because after a certain point it is not healthy to have them in your stomach and during this time, they receive considerable wear and tear. Also, the point of ReShape Balloon was to adjust your stomach to a smaller appetite, bring the weight down considerably, alter your BMI and then leave you on your own to lose further weight. Using the same procedure, your throat area will be numbed again and using a catheter, the balloons will be deflated, extracting the sterile saline. After this the endoscope will be used to take the balloons out and you will be free to leave. The procedure will take the same time: 20 to 30 minutes and will give you no cause for concern.

The important thing to remember here is that this isn’t where your journey with ReShape ends; it only marks the journey traveled halfway. Even after ReShape Balloon is removed from your stomach, we will continue to schedule appointments with you for the next six months, guiding you through your weight loss journey and keeping track of the progress you make in the next six months. Once the balloons are removed, your task does no become harder. In fact, your only task is to maintain a healthy lifestyle where you focus on some form of activity every day and eat in healthy amounts. The reason why we encourage going with us for the year long program is because it is a very comprehensive program that targets specific problem areas that need help. We also help you chart your diet and exercise and our experts skillfully guide and advise you on how to keep the weight off. Because of our mutual support and motivation, this method helps keep the weight off of most of our clients and they report feeling even healthier. Your exercise plan includes group activities and we encourage you to interact with other clients to get a better understanding and feel even more committed to weight loss.

Conclusion, results and lifestyle after your surgery of ReShape Balloon

  • ReShape promotes a healthy lifestyle and this is what we aim to achieve through our help to you. Within the first six months, you will start feeling healthier than before. ReShape uses a technology that is practically risk free and because it is non-invasive, most of our clients feel safer in receiving the treatment. ReShape has been known to cause significant weight loss in most people that receive it hence making the success rate almost perfect. Our goal is not to help you achieve your dream figure; it is to help you realize your dream lifestyle so that you start feeling healthy and happy within a few months. ReShape is categorized as a non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical and non-invasive method and it aims to bring to you the best of a healthy lifestyle. So if you think you agree with our long term weight loss measures and want a healthier lifestyle, then contact your physician about ReShape today.




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When Patrick tried dieting, the weight always came right back. With ReShape™, he learned healthy new habits, and now he’s in the best shape of his life.

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